There’s something so intriguing about watching a tiny human morph before your eyes into a real person. I’ve had the pleasure to encounter this over the last 9 months with Ben. Every time I see him, he has learned a new “trick” or more formally, a new cognitive behavior. At 9 months, he is full of laughter, curiosity, and 6 teeth.  He is trying to feed himself, play with musical toys, and make sense of the world around him. Watching him learn and grow reminds me that, we as adults, can also learn a lot from children and how they see the world. Even though they may not cognitively understand every aspect of life, they are living in the present and taking in the world that is around them. Enjoying the many different sights, sounds, and feelings, these developing babies have the opportunity to relish in the wonderful parts of life. Enjoy photo 65 and 66 of #365photochallenge

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