Moo! Meet Emma Cow, the domesticated black angus who was orphaned at birth and adopted by her human family! The big girl is now going on 5 years of age. Time surely flies by and she has certainly grown up to be a “large and in-charge,” sassy gal. She has remained very loyal to her humans and recognizes them especially when they bring special treats and scratching tools. (Cows are extremely itchy.)


Who would have thought a cow has so much personality and intelligence? Given the right conditions (bottle raised and hand-fed right after birth), proper attention, and love, Emma Cow has turned into quite the pet. Although she only stays on the farm with her fellow cow friends, she enjoys any and all visitors especially at the yearly Harvest Festival in October when she gets the “oohs and ahhs” from 50+ children and adults.


Emma started out the size of a 25 pound dog with long, stick legs, and in 5 years she has turned into a beefy 1500 pound, massive cow! No need to be afraid of her size, she is as gentle and sweet as they come. (Unless you try to ride her, which is a whole other story!)


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