There is something to be said about a home.


It is a location where we create a space of peace and comfort; a place that most effectively represents our own selves. It is a collection of chachkas, momentos, hand-me-downs, handcrafted furniture, well-loved pieces, and endless memories.


People choose to showcase their most prized possessions, whether it be a collection of fine wine or a intricate hand-painted vase picked up on a recent trip. The value of these items is found in their personal definition of a prized possession. It could be a library of classic books, a collage of family snapshots, a restored 1950’s vintage hutch, or an assortment of snow globes from around the world. Their home says everything about what is important to them. People are proud to provide a visual look down memory lane into what they’ve found stylish, what they love, what gives them comfort. Walk into an acquaintance’s home, take a second to look around, what is it they are passionate about? It will be easier to tell than you think.






Photos 72 and 73 of the #365PhotoChallenge represent the years of time and hard work to make this adorable condo in The Fan Gallery into a comfortable, inviting home.

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